O2/A1: Joint definition of teaching and training programme on OS and RDM

A1’s main goal is to develop a joint training programme on OS and RDM according to the outputs identified in O1 and O3. The developed training programme and its modules will furthermore be determined on the basis of the requirements of the ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). The emphasis will be on the development of the optimal training formats (considering and involving modules already offered by the consortium, and the ones identified following the variables in IO1 matrix model).

O2/A2: Development of concrete training contents and delivery of teaching methodology specifications

Within A2, we aim to develop concrete training contents and deliver clear and concise specifications for the teaching methodologies.

O2/A3: Development of training of trainers

A3 aims at developing the Train the Trainers training methodology and contents that will ensure a high knowledge and professional background of the teachers and trainers regarding: 1) objectives of the programme, such as the state of the art and novel knowledge about OS and RDM, 2) proper application of the defined formats and didactics 3) corresponding duration of the modules regarding the content of the modules, 4) broad range of diverse levels of knowledge in OS and RDM and transferable skills, as well as basic and inter-, multi- and disciplinary knowledge in OS and RDM and beyond and finally 5) in accordance to the content of the identified project target groups and their specific needs.