Open Science opens up new ways in which research/education/innovation are undertaken, archived and curated, and disseminated across the globe. Open Science is about greater efficiency and productivity, more transparency, and a better response to interdisciplinary research needs.

Open Science (OS) requires a cultural change in academic institutions, including the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in fields like open access publishing and research data sharing.  

Open Science and Research Data Management Innovative and Distributed Training Programme aims to empower the Education and Skills dimension of Open Science through exploring innovative mechanisms and tools to provide the skills training and Research Data Management (RDM) good practices.

Our project intends:

  • To analyse and map the skills training needs for OS and RDM in existing curricula in partner HEIs taking into account the different OS dimensions, target groups and level of existing knowledge;
  • To review existing good practices in OS and RDM skills training;
  • To develop a OS and RDM Training Methodological Toolkit;
  • To develop, validate and diffuse a quality pilot training programme for OS and RDM;
  • To develop a training network around OS and RDM concepts;
  • To encourage, motivate, support and recognize staff and students skills development in OS and RDM.


The specific aims are divided on project target groups:

  • MSc & PhD students;
  • Early stage researchers;
  • Trainers;
  • Research community stakeholders;