Teachers in Higher Education, Librarians, PhD researchers who want to be involved in training activities have the possibility to learn about the need of training in open science and how those needs can be met. The LERU Roadmap suggests that, for most categories of users, what is required are credited models and/or professional courses. Because this project addresses the training for students (Postgraduate/PhD) and ESR, the training of trainers will be developed on credit models and will include also Practical training. The format of the PhD training programme in open science should be tailored for the specific working and learning conditions of the PhD students. While general and cross-disciplinary awareness raising and knowledge acquisition can be organized via MOOCs and similar learning opportunities, accompanied by short face-to-face sessions for debate and feedback, skills development should be organized on-the-job, near-to-the-research-bench (i.e. laboratory).

Therefore, the training staff to be trained should be organized as mixed teams of scholars, teachers, scientists, technical and administrative staff, and academic librarians.