In order for students and MSc students to actively engage in Open science concepts and RDM practice, the summer school serves as an opportunity for exchanging experiences among the students and fostering European cooperation. 21 students from partner universities will take part. Project partners will be the trainers.

Objectives of this training events in terms of skills and knowledge (expertise) are designed to raise awareness and to provide knowledge on open science in general and on specific OS relevant topics, contributing to a better understanding and a higher expertise. All these training goals are described as “to learn more about”, “for a better understanding”, “to
enhance awareness” etc.

Some key words of training goals in terms of awareness and knowledge are representative on specific OS relevant topics:

  • OA publishing: direct scientific communication, open repositories, predatory publishing, OA landscape, French OA infrastructures, OA publishing of dissertations, relevant intellectual property and author’s rights, publisher agreements, open licensing (Creative Commons), digital identity, author identifier (ORCID);
  • Research data management: context, challenges, data repositories, data management plans, best practice;
  • Ethics and integrity: ethical challenges of OA publishing and open science, research integrity, concepts, laws, ethical awareness of gender issues, post-publication peer review, artificial intelligence, robotics or personalized medicine;
  • Citizen science: principles of collaborative projects with civil society;
  • Open science: general knowledge and awareness, social and responsible innovation, participative management, open intellectual property.

The training will last for 5 days in Rome, IT having as trainers experts from the partner HEIs. Each partner HEI will bring 7 students (=21 in total) that will be selected from the cohorts enrolled for the courses taught by teachers selected to implement RDM related projects within their topics.

The assessment of the learning outcomes of the training activity will consists in the assessment of an essay submitted by the trainees in the last day of the activity.